Eyes Tech


This hugely popular bi-annual supplement is the latest addition to eyes magazine and will help ECPs run their practices and eye care businesses efficiently and profitably.

To make an investment in new equipment and instruments is never an easy decision; it’s costly and it’s essential to get it right. But they are not reasons to put off making the leap. You can replace old for new or branch out and acquire completely new models one step at a time. eyes tech is on hand to guide eyecare practitioners through the minefield of information that they are undoubtedly be confronted with. 

Think big and think outside of the box. Investment in new equipment isn’t something that can be measured by what financial return it will bring – at least not in the short term – there is so much more to it. Improving kit is about offering a much more comprehensive, efficient and comfortable customer service and in doing so will also make life easier for opticians.

And the financial rewards will follow when patients, finding their experience pleasanter than before and having complete confidence in the service they get will come back time and again.

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